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Areas of Practise

Civil law

- inheritance law;
- property Law;
- alimony and parental rights;
- divorce;
- contractual law;
- unpaid insurance benefits.

Commercial register and register of the NGOs

- registration of new commercial companies;

- transfer of company shares;

- change of circumstances on the merchant's lot;

- announcement of annual financial statements;

- registration of new associations and foundations;

- entry of changes in circumstances;

- re-registration at the Registration Agency;

- declaration of beneficial owner;
- liquidation.

Enforcement proceedings

- formation of an executive case;

- assistance to claimants; - assistance to debtors; - representation before PSI and DSI.


- application of the Regulation on Markets in Crypto-assets (MiCA).

Commercial Law

- subscription legal services for commercial companies;
- assistance and consultations regarding commercial; transactions and contracts;
- pledge rights.

Criminal law

- defense in pre-trial proceedings of an accused;

- defense in legal proceedings of a defendant;

- protection of a witness during questioning before an investigative body or a judge;

- assistance to a civil claimant;

- cumulation and grouping;

- forced treatment under the Health Act.

AEAV and penal decrees

- objections to acts establishing administrative violations /AEAV/;

- appeal of criminal rulings issued by state authorities before the District Court and the Administrative Court.

Labor law

- legal advice on labor legislation;
- conclusion and termination of employment contracts;
- procedural representation in labor disputes for illegal dismissal and unpaid wages;
- mass dismissal procedure;
- procedure for changing the employer.

Tax law

- checks;

- audits of legal entities;

- audits of natural persons;

- tax consultancy; - taxation;

- VAT registration;

- objections to audit reports;

- appeal of revision acts before ODOP, Administrative Court and Supreme Court.


- preparation of civil contracts and commercial transactions;

- consultations and negotiations on concluding contracts;

- assistance in confessing transactions before a notary.

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