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General Terms


These General Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between Svetoslav Grigorov, personal № 1300642610, Bulstat: 179588719, in its capacity as the owner of the website, on the one hand, and every single user who uses the page or legal services, on the other hand.

Using the website means that you agree to the terms and conditions for the provision of legal services by Svetoslav Grigorov, attorney-at-law.

The website is managed by the Stanev and Grigorov Law Firm, registered with Decision № 27/22.07.2014 of the Sofia Bar Council, the initial entry in the register of the collegium on 07.08.2014. Registered under personal number 1300642610. Business address: Sofia, 1612, 5, "Balkanjdi Iovo", ent. B, fl. 1, apt. 16. The attorney-at-law is registered under number 179588719 in the Bulstat register. There is no VAT registration.


Address of the office: Sofia, 1612, 5, "Balkanjdi Iovo", ent. B, fl. 1, apt. 16.


Contact phone: +359 878 393 696

Working hours: from Monday to Friday - from 08.00 to 17.00



Practicing the legal profession is regulated by the Law on the Bar and the Attorney's Code of Ethics. The activities of the Stanev and Grigorov Law Firm are directly controlled by the Sofia Bar Association.

Users are protected by the Consumer Protection Commission, according to the Consumer Protection Act, and their personal data is protected by the Personal Data Protection Commission, according to the Personal Data Protection Act.

The attorney-at-law is practicing the profession and has concluded "Professional Liability" insurance.

General information

The personal information required when filling out the "Send Inquiry" form (name, e-mail, telephone, and the content of the message),, tel.: 0878 393 696 or Viber, falls under the confidentiality of the attorney's secret.

Svetoslav Grigorov, attorney-at-law does not assume responsibility for the topicality, accuracy, and completeness of the information in the Articles section. The topics developed are informative in nature and do not constitute legal advice.

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