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Attorneys fees

The amount of the remuneration for the legal assistance provided by the attorney is determined by free negotiation based on a written contract with the client, but cannot be less than that determined in Ordinance No. 1 of July 9, 2004 on the minimum amounts of attorney's fees minimum amount for the relevant type of aid.

Payment of the remuneration is in advance and payable on the date of conclusion of the legal aid contract. It can be spread over several installments.

1. Consultation by phone or video call

For oral advice, counseling, regarding a procedure without the participation of the lawyer in it and reference in judicial and administrative places, etc. - 50 EUR. Payment via bank transfer.

2. Email consultation

For a written consultation - 50 EUR, is to be paid via bank transfer.

3. Consultation in the office

At the address: Sofia, 1612, 5, "Balkandji Iovo" Street, ent. B, fl. 1, apt. 16, after a pre-arranged time.

Lawyer's fee - 50 EUR. Payment is possible in cash or via bank transfer.

4. Legal services or representation before a court

For investigating a case with giving an opinion on it, for complaints and reports to the prosecutor's office and the police, for applications, for notarial proceedings, for drawing up contracts and documents, for registering and changing the circumstances of commercial companies, representation in civil, criminal and administrative cases - by agreement.

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