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Opening a cumulative account for foreigners in Bulgaria

I am presenting you with a procedure for opening a cumulative account for a foreigner in Bulgaria, as well as the initial information and documents required.

The future manager of the company can complete the procedure entirely online. The manager may be a citizen of the EU/EEA or from a country outside these unions.

The agreement for opening a cumulative account is signed with the service provider. The Articles of Association and the founding protocol are provided.

In order to specify the company's activity:

  • Describe the company's activity and how it will be organized in Bulgaria.

  • Provide information about future business partners (clients and suppliers) - name, country of registration, activity.

  • Provide the company's website address (if applicable).

  • State the countries to/from which payments will be made with the future business account.

  • Explain the reason for establishing a company in Bulgaria.

  • Explain the source of the funds to be received in the account.

  • Describe the expected average monthly turnover of the business account.

  • Specify whether the company will provide services related to blockchain technologies and/or cryptocurrencies and if transactions will be conducted with other companies/individuals related to blockchain technologies and/or cryptocurrencies.

  • Identify the company's owners (other companies and/or individuals) and final beneficiaries (individuals who own 25% or more of the capital or control the company) and submit documents confirming this, if possible.

The submitted documents are reviewed and analyzed. Upon approval, a cumulative account is opened where the initial capital should be deposited. The capital must be deposited via a bank transfer from a Bulgarian bank in Bulgarian lev (BGN).

After registering the company in the Commercial Register and the Register of Legal Entities, a business account must be disclosed. The cumulative account is closed, and the capital is transferred to a newly opened payment account.

The procedure takes between 2 and 7 business days.

Regarding opening a cumulative account for foreigners in Bulgaria, please, contact us, by visiting contacts.

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