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Marketing communications for crypto-assets

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

All marketing communications related to the public offering of crypto-assets or their admission to trading on a platform shall meet the following requirements:

- clearly recognizable as such;

- the information is objective, clear, and non-misleading;

- the information contained in the crypto-asset white paper.

- the issuer's website is indicated and the white paper has been published.

The issuer sends a notification regarding the marketing communications to the competent authority of its Member State at least 20 working days before the publication of the crypto-asset white paper.

Marketing messages are not subject to pre-approval before publication. They are published and remain visible on a publicly accessible website before they are offered or admitted to trading.

Changes made to marketing messages are also reflected and the reason for the change is indicated. Within 2 working days of receiving the draft amendment, the competent authority of the Member State of origin shall notify the host Member State.

Altered marketing communications shall be electronically time-stamped.

The latest modified version is marked as applicable. All amendments remain available while the crypto-assets are public.

Regarding crypto-assets marketing communications, please contact us by going to contacts.

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