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Entry in the register of persons who, provide exchange services between virtual currencies

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

According to Art. 9a, para. 1 of the LMAML, the persons who, by occupation, provide exchange services between virtual currencies and recognized currencies without gold cover, as well as wallet providers who offer custodial services, are entered in a public register, which is kept and maintained by the National Revenue Agency.

Applying to register of exchange services between virtual currencies

Applicants for the service are persons registered under the Commercial Law, as well as traders under the legislation of an EU member state or a party to the EEA agreement. They submit electronically an application, signed by the QES, according to the form according to Annex No. 1, which is entered in the public register of exchange between virtual currencies within 14 days.

The state fee is BGN 50.

The registration certificate is drawn up as an electronic document, signed with the QES, which is sent to the registered person at a specified electronic address.

Denial of entry

No entry is made in the register of persons when:

- the required information is not provided or the information provided is incomplete, contradictory, or incorrect;

- in the last 2 years before the date of submission of the application, the person was sanctioned under LMAML and/or under МАFTA with an effective criminal decree.

Regarding registration with the NRA, please contact us by going to contacts.

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