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Content of the crypto-asset white paper

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The crypto-asset white paper shall contain all the following information:

- description of the issuer and the main participants involved in the design and development of the project;

- a description of the issuer's project, the type of crypto-asset that will be publicly offered or sought to be admitted to trading and the reasons for doing so, as well as the intended use of the fiat currency/other crypto-assets obtained through the public offering;

- description of the characteristics of the public offering, the number of crypto-assets to be issued/admission to trading is requested, their issue price, and the terms and conditions for their subscription;

- description of rights, obligations, and procedures, as well as the manner of exercising them;

- the underlying technologies and standards that the issuer applies and allowing the holding, storage, and transfer of crypto-assets;

- a description of the risks associated with the issuer, the crypto-assets, their public offering, and the implementation of the project;

- the elements subject to disclosure.

The information provided is understandable, objective, and clear, not misleading. The issuer is responsible for the information in the white paper but makes no claims about the future price of crypto-assets.

The issuer declares that the crypto-assets:

- may lose all or part of their value;

- cannot always be transferred;

- may not be liquid;

- offered tokens may not be exchangeable for the promised good or service.

The crypto-asset white paper contains a summary. Briefly and in non-technical language, it presents the most important information about the public offering of crypto-assets or their planned admission to trading on a platform and their essential elements.

The white paper shall be dated, and drawn up in at least one of the official languages ​​of the home Member State or in a language commonly used in the field of international finance. It is also produced in machine-readable formats.

Regarding preparing a crypto-asset white paper, please contact us by going to contacts.

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